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Valley Flood-lite
Valley Flood-lite
Valley Flood-lite

Lighting Maintenance & Repair Services for Los Angeles

  • We have our own Boom Lifts so you save on rental charges. 

  • We Stock all the florescent lamps and ballasts for Signs and we stock all HID lamps and HID ballasts (by the time you run to the wholesale house and back we will already be done -- no headaches).

  • We have up to 3 Million in liability insurance and we are bonded (Make sure the contractors you hire are insured because you are liable for those you hire).

  • We Travel Anywhere you want, from San Diego to Palmdale to Ventura to Riverside.

  • We give Cash Discounts to Contractors. 


We also offer: Maintenance contracts

  • 2-40 TON, 80-150 foot Crane Skips, Spreaders, personnel baskets Serving LOS ANGELES and Vicinity Located in the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY since 1959.

  • Mobile Cranes with Operatorsby the Hour, Day or Week

  • we have Fast Service, High-quality, Estimates Cranes, Bucket Trucks, Ladder Trucks, Ground Trucks

  • We do Installation and repairs: Poll Signs, Light Boxes, High Rise, Channel Letters, Neon,Foam, Wood and Plastic Signs.

  • Specialize in ship-ins 

  • Complete Permit Service Sign Faces, Wall Signs, Custom Graphics, Banners, Storefronts, Trucks and Trailers.

Boom Lift
  • Exterior sign installation and maintenance

  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Security and Parking Lot Lighting Service

  • Emergency/Exit Lighting Maintenance

  • Fluorescent, Neon and LED Sign Installation and Repair

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

  • On-call Ballast and Lamp Maintenance


  • 15 - 20 ton Boom Trucks

  • 40 - 100 ton Hydraulic Truck Cranes

  • 30' - 150' Bucket Trucks

  • 5 ton Compact Crane

  • Lifting Accessories

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Installations and Repairs


Poll Signs, Light Boxes, High Rise, Channel Letters, Neon,Foam, Wood and Plastic Signs

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